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Why Amalvees Diet and Nutrition clinic

Why Amalvees

Amalvees Diet and Nutrition clinic provide you many packages in which you will achieve:

Weight Management

Disease Management

Physical/ Mental Fitness

Sleep and Stress Management

Skin brightness and Glow

Overall well being.

Our programme is unique because their focus is on root cause and not on suppressing symptoms.

Our treatment only includes diet and lifestyle changes. With enrolling with Amalvees, you are affording health and longevity. Hence, you can think of this as an investment, not an expense. Hundreds of people whom we have worked with have saved themselves from the hassle, risk and cost of expensive clinical procedures, surgeries and treatments just by switching to their healthier lifestyle packages.

Unique features of our programme

  • No exotic or expensive items, only homely food
  • Emphasize more on real food from your kitchen
  • Focus on nutrition, not just calorie counts
  • No marketing gimmicks
  • No false promises or guarantees.
  • Focus on sustainability
  • Programs where you don’t feel like being on a ‘diet’
  • Maintenance plan included in every program
  • Family packages available
  • Focus is on Improvement of health.
  • Support on call, chat & email: 9:30am – 8pm IST (Mon-Sat)
  • Weekly scheduled feedback sessions – diet & lifestyle coaching